When Venice floods

Venice Copertina

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“When Venice floods” tells how venetians live the high water problem. A world-wide known problem also because of climate change effects that will endanger the Venice Unesco World Heritage Site in the future. The author, expert of the history of Venice and its environmental problems, states: “However, it must be noted that, unlike in past centuries, when, as reported by Zucchetta, an exceptionally high tide was an occasion for fun making and games, of amusement or even inspiration for amusing comedies (for example the one written by Francesco Gritti in 1769), it is now regarded with discomfort and intolerance by the residents. This is largely due to changes in the city’s social fabric, increasingly less youthful. Altered social situations, tourism related business activities and the last exceptional tide of 1 December 2008 have led the Italian state to make big economic investments, through the financing of the legge speciale first and then by the legge obiettivo to protect the city from exceptionally high tides”.